How Long Does Content Last on Social Media? Helpful Tips for Social Media Marketers

Lifespan of Social Media Posts

Lifepspan Of Content

(Source: SoAmpli)

We don’t often stop to think about the lifespan of content posted to social media. For most of us, we only stop to consider it when we notice how our post traction is slowing down from the likes received. If we post an Instagram photo, we know that the hour of the day we post at is key to ensure that most of our audience is around during that time as the hour at which we post it is also the hour that Instagram’s algorithm will push it to our audience. 

This means if your Instagram audience isn’t around during those first few hours, it feels like they may miss it.

It can, however, bring all of us social media marketers a bit of relief to know that Instagram actually has a half-life of 21 hours. A half-life for a post in social media means that 50% of the overall audience that will interact with it will interact with it within that period of time. This is when you can expect likes and comments for a particular piece of content to drop off.

Something that is key here is diversification of platforms to ensure that your post is circulating as much as it can, of course, as any social media marketer would tell you.

Did you know on Pinterest, one piece of content can circulate for up to 4 months!? And blogs for up to 2 years? 

And for Twitter, content gets served in chronological order, with a circulation of only 18 minutes!

We at Social Souls know that sometimes, differentiation and batch producing content quickly is key if you want to post every 21 hours on Instagram to ensure that your followers don’t lose interest. As social media marketers ourselves, we have spent hours creating social media templates for ourselves and for you so that you can easily input your content without spending hours out of your day crafting it on Canva. 

You can find our social media templates here - they will be sure to help you batch-create visually stunning content that drives engagement within those first 21 hours.