How to get more reach on Instagram with aesthetically pleasing Instagram feeds

At its core, Instagram is and has always been a platform purely driven by visuals.

With its ever-changing algorithm and followers/blue checkmarks becoming a currency in Instagram marketing, there are endless tips and tricks to grow your Instagram account in 2021. Most of these tips are technical ways to gain exposure, and while certainly true that a few adjustments to your hashtag strategy and scheduling your posts can help you gain some traction with your Instagram account, it seems that nowadays, we’re overcomplicating the topic of growth.

Here at Social Souls, we want to make sure that your social media strategy is top-notch, but that doesn’t mean overcomplicating it. Instead, today, we’d like to propose that we go back to the basics: aesthetically pleasing content.

Cohesion is so important when it comes to creating visually appealing content for your Instagram feed. Creating visual consistency through using similar colour palettes and lighting in every photo you post can help with visceral recognition. People will be scrolling through their feed and you will instantly stand out, as the colours you post are ones that they will have associated with you.

Some examples of amazing visual cohesion across Instagram feeds are below -

Social Media Canva Templates
Social Media Canva Templates
Social Media Canva Templates
(Social media Canva templates above are by Social Souls)

Notice how all of these images have notably different aesthetics and yet somehow they are all seamless? The vibes from each image are completely different, but by adjusting lighting and colour hues/filters on each photo posted to make sure that they all fit well next to one-another, you can have an incredibly aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed that tells your story. Is your brand bright, artsy, minimalist? Figure that out and then try to make sure that every piece of content you post adheres to that belief to create consistently stunning visuals for your followers to look forward to.

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