Why Instagram is key for small businesses in Australia in 2021

If the ever-increasing number of digital businesses tells us anything, it is that Instagram is key for brand growth in 2021. Being small business owners ourselves in Australia, we have compiled some factors that can lead you to social media, particularly Instagram, marketing success in 2021.

P.S. These are all things we can help with in Instagram for small businesses in Australia! Just reach out and we would be happy to help you.


Instagram Management Australia


Due to the rise in popularity of Tik Tok, Instagram has come up with their own version of Tik Tok videos that can help creators and businesses boost their following. With Instagram prioritising the promotion of these short and engaging vertical videos, creating these can help increase brand visibility. We are here to help product-based businesses and will create the highly engaging Reels to drive sales for you, contact us for a quotehere or through e-mailing us athello@socialsouls.co


2)Visual Appeal

Great content marketing is key to any Instagram strategy in 2021. This means optimising the look of an Instagram page and ensuring that all content is providing optimal value to consumers. We can help you take care of this to maximise your social media content strategy in order to raise your engagement and up your following, be sure to check out our management serviceshere



In order to make sure businesses are reaching their target consumers, having the right hashtags and keywords is key. Unfortunately, ensuring the keywords being used are the perfect ones for maximum reach can be quite difficult. We have compiled sets of relevant keywords that you can copy-and-paste directly to your posts to ensure that your content will get to the right eyes. Be sure to check them out righthere