Can you do Product Photography for outside of Australia?

Even though we are an Australian Product Photography business located in Brisbane, we can assist you globally. We can make an arrangement with you as to where the products are to be shipped ect.


Do you have multiple props for Product Photography that we can choose from?

Yes! We have a wide range of props that you can choose from. We will have a detailed conversation with you in regards to what you are wanting out of your product shoot and from there we will arrange multiple props that suit your needs and wants.


Do you do location shoots for Product Photography?

We certainly do! Even though we are Based in Brisbane we are happy to travel for an additional cost. Luckily we are an Australian Product Photography business... So our Locations are beautiful.


Can you stick to our Branding Guidelines?

100%! We will ensure that we are sticking to your Branding Guidelines. This will be discussed with you before we start with your Product Photography Package.


With your Product Photography do you return products back?

If you are outside of Brisbane and cannot physically pick up the products you sent for Product Photography. We are happy to ship the products back to you. We just require you to send a paid return package in with the products you initially sent. 




How does your Social Media Management packages work?

You can read all of our info about our Social Media Management packages here


Where are you based?

We are based in Brisbane, Australia


Can you help with Social Media on an ad hoc basis?

No worries, tell us exactly what you are after and we can provide you with a quote accordingly. Our hourly rate starts from $60 an hour.


Can you help me post on my Instagram account?

Yes! We have Instagram Management Packages and can cater to the look and feel that you desire and how often you want to post on your Instagram account. Check out our Social Media Management Packages here


What the difference between Social Media Management & Social Media Marketing? 

Social Media Management is ensuring you post regularly and consistently on the various social media platforms you post on. There are many ways you can do this, you can post manually, using a social media scheduler or have us do it for you! Social Media Marketing is the strategy behind the type of content you post on your social accounts, it's making sure the content being posted is on brand and consistent and it's checking out your social media analytics to review your performance so that you're continually optimising your strategy. 



How to find Australian Micro Influencers?

We have a network of Micro Influencers that we connect with regularly, Let us know the type of Influencer you are after and we can find the right Influencers for you.


How do I become a Micro Influencer?

Learn from our knowledge and experience of Micro Influencing we have created a step by step guide on how to land Collaborations and work with brands that you love. Check out our Beginners Guide to Micro Influencing e-Book here