DIY Engagement Strategy e-Workbook

An Engagement Strategy is so important to bring in traffic to your Instagram page and a fantastic way to build a loyal following or community.

We have formulated an Engagement Strategy in just 3 actionable tactics that can be applied to a broad range of niche accounts and industries. This is a cost effective way to create and apply your own Engagement Strategy to yoursocial media/Instagram management and boost yoursocial media/Instagram marketing.

Tap into our Cofounders experience and knowledge and gain access to a complete guide on how to apply an engagement strategy that works!

This workbook contains a 6 page printable guide to help you get creative and to reach your target audiences. This is perfect for both influencers/microinfluencers and businesses.

Want us to create a fully customised Engagement Strategy or apply an Engagement Strategy for you? We'd love to help, please contact us on Instagram DMs or email us